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Brief History


The Southampton and District Tyro League was formed back in 1967 by four gentleman; Tommy Chant, Ron Edwards, Joe Chivers and Ron Beaton. Only a handful of teams participated in the leagues first ever season.

Tommy Traynor, was one of the first league managers. Tommy was a Southampton Football Club player and Irish International who joined the committee and stayed on the committee until his death on 20th September 2006.

The word "Tyro" means 'novice, some one new to a field or activity'. This is what we are all about; giving the youth in the local area the chance to play football, make friends and enjoy the beautiful game we all love.

The Southampton and District Tyro League has grown over the years and in the late 1970s and early 1980's was known as the largest youth (boys) league in Britain; catering from 10 year olds to 15 year olds.

As it grew in size, from season to season; the league became too large for one single committee to manager and therefore was divided in to three Committee's; each committee was responsible for it's own business.

It was divided as follows; Under 10s and Under 11s - one committee, Under 12s and Under 13s - one committee and Under 14s and Under 15s one committee. It was then decided that an overall Council (Management Committee) should be formed. This was made up by three members from each Age Group Committee.

In the early part of the 21st century, the league then lost the Under 10s age group to the Eastleigh and District Mini League and the committee's formed as follows; Under 11s, Under 12s and 13s and Under 14s and 15s.

Each section ran and managed their own Cup competitions; running a Main Cup and Sub Cup. The Under 14s and 15s later ran an "Invitation Cup" named after the sections late Chairman; Mr. Eric Holbrook.

The league also ran Representative sides to represent the league through out the Hampshire Football Association Inter League Cup competition before the competition was withdrawn in 2006 due to a lack of interest from other Youth leagues in the County. At the end of the season; the Under 11s Representative side went to Isle of Wight for an end of season competition, the Under 12s and 13s travelled to Holland each year for an end of season competition and the Under 14s & 15s had recently only decided to go on tour in 2007, seeing them travel to Spain and in 2008 and 2009, they travelled to Holland. The Under 12s & 13s tour away to Holland was an organised event spanning 25 seasons, giving much pleasure to every one involved. Season 2009/10 will be the first time that the Representative sides will not operate under the Leagues name

In the year of 2009, to comply with Standard Code set out by the National Football Association, the league's Age Group Sections disbanded and an overall committee was set up. Several other committee's were also set up to control the day to day running of the league business. The committee's were as follows; Breach of Rules, Cup/Fixture Committee, Registration Committee and Finance Committee.

These meant the standardization of Cup competitions. The league run two cup competitions per age group; The Southampton Tyro Challenege Cup and the Tommy Traynor Trophy (named after one of the original founders). The finals are usually at the end of April/beginning of May of each season.

The league now boasts seventeen members on the Management Committee, headed by Bruce Moffat with over 235 teams participating under the Southampton Tyro League banner.

All football in the Southampton and District Tyro League is played on a Sunday; either morning or afternoon. At present, the league has over 3000 boys (and Girls at Under 11 Level) playing every Sunday through out September until late April.

The league is affiliated to it's County Association, the Hampshire Football Association.

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